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Pure Ceuticals Peptide Eye & Lip Complex

Pure Ceuticals Peptide Eye & Lip Complex

This highly concentrated, advanced multi-peptide treatment formulated with advanced botanical blends, target concerns typically associated with chronological aging in and around the eye & lip area. Targets wrinkle depth, strengthens capillaries and reactivates microcirculation. Skin becomes firmer and more elastic in appearance, with a reduction in puffiness and dark circles. pH 5.0 – 5.5


Skin Type: All

Size: .05 fl. oz.


Features & Benefits:

Targets Wrinkle Depth – The advanced peptides, formulated from natural fruit and plant extracts, penetrate the epidermis, targeting wrinkle depth and helping to visibly reduce fine lines and crow’s feet.

Strengthening Capillaries – Weak capillaries can lead to skin issues like dark circles. Our formula strengthens capillaries, reducing the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, giving your eyes a brighter, refreshed look.

Improved Microcirculation – Microcirculation is essential for healthy-looking skin. This complex reactivates microcirculation, improving oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin cells.

Firmer and More Elastic Skin – Experience firmer and more elastic skin around your eyes and lips. improve the firmness, resilience and elasticity of the skin in and around the eye, forehead and lip areas.

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