Lip Contour (Lip tattoo) - Plumper, more defined, juicy looking lips with minimal healing time --- this might just be our favourite cosmetic procedure yet

By deepening the colour of your lips, you're essentially creating a fuller, healthier look!


The lips appear fuller and more defined 



Eyelash Enhancement (Eyeliner) - Give your eyes a fresher, bolder, brighter look. We carefully and precisely compliment your natural eye shape while creating a line from the outer corner to the inner tear duct. 

Your eyes will be ready to take on the day and you
will literally wake up like this


Hairline Microblading - Own your up-dos and ponytails!

Have your hairline re-created, strand by strand, take back what you've lost, giving you
volume, thickness, and fuller looking hair. Our precise, natural looking strokes replicate the hair you've lost from stress, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, or genetics. 

Permanent Makeup Starting at $399

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