PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is the portion of your blood that is responsible for healing and creating new tissue. By stimulating the inflammation cascade using mesotherapy or microneedling, growth factors are drawn to the area to heal.  By adding a concentrated dose of these growth factors this healing process is enhanced leading to healthy, rejuvenated skin. 


VAMPIRE FACIALS are for the skin level and are a natural way to treat many skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, texture and tone, pigmentation, acne scarring and for increasing collagen for firmness, elasticity and tightening.


The process start to finish takes approximately 45 minutes. We begin by drawing your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate and concentrate the platelets.  Once finished, using the SkinPen, we create the micro injuries and then gently press the PRP into these micro channels to begin the tissue healing process. 


It is recommended to do at least three treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart, more treatments may be required if treating more severe skin concerns.  Results begin in as little as a few days and continue for 6+ months after the last treatment—as collagen takes time to fully restructure. 


Downtime is minimal, some redness is expected from the microneedling and some may experience peeling/flaking for up to a week after the procedure. Pain is managed with a topical analgesic and is tolerated well by most. The treatment is incredibly safe: your own blood cannot be rejected and by using our SkinPen, we can be confident that there is no cross-contamination between patients as the device has been designed with a special tip to prevent any drawback of fluids and comes with disposable one-time-use covers.  This is the MOST important distinction between this device and others on the market; your safety is our priority.  

$599 per session + hst

Package of 3 sessions - $1499 + hst


VAMPIRE FACELIFT ​Operating on the same principles as the vampire facial, the facelift is aimed at rejuvenating the deeper tissues: fat, muscle and fascia and the connective tissue between each of these layers.

Using a cannula, PRP is injected to targeted areas, similar to how filler would be injected.  Each tube of blood yields approximately 5-6ml of PRP which will remain in the area for a short period of about a week and be absorbed slowly by the body as it heals and grows new tissue.

The treatment is ideal for those with volume loss and laxity and those looking for a natural alternative to fillers. The results are more modest and begin to appear in as little as 4 weeks and improving for 6+ months. 


PRP increases the turnover of tissues, and can decrease the longevity of any filler so it is recommended to allow filler time to dissolve before choosing to do this treatment. 

$649 per session + hst

Package of 3 sessions - $1599 + hst

HAIR RESTORATION - By creating micro injuries to the scalp, PRP stimulates and repairs blood supply to tired follicles and can regrow hair lost from various forms of alopecia. It also strengthens existing hair follicles for longer, healthier hair. 


This treatment may be coupled with vitamin therapy at 2 week intervals for enhanced results.  The idea is to use PRP to fix the follicles and direct infusion of vitamins to feed them and provide the necessary nutrients while the blood supply repairs. 


PRP can help to prepare the scalp to accept hair transplants and also to support their survival.  It is also an excellent adjunct to anyone currently taking medications to encourage hair regrowth.

$599 per session + hst

Package of 3 sessions - $1499 + hst

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