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Wood Therapy


100% Natural

Breaks down cellulite

Burns fat Tones and tightens

Reduces circumference 4

Speeds Metabolism

Stimulated lymphatic drainage

Eliminates toxins


This non-invasive treatment uses vacuum therapy to plump and contour the buttocks. This treatment stimulates blood flow; which can improve lymphatic drainage, break down cellulite, and improve the appearance of elasticity.


Engraved Massage Roller stimulates circulation and drainage in the Lymph glands, and will help eliminate the accumulated adipose tissue


Cubed Massage Roller is used in an up and down motion where localized fat is wanted to be removed. This roller helps break apart the dimples in your skin created by cellulite.


Vacuum skin cup suctions fat from areas of your body and transfers them to the lymph glands. This cup will reduce the localized adipose tissue, and help draw out toxins while increasing a healthy blood flow.


Contouring Board helps remove all the excess fat through the lymphatic system.

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